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Inter@cTest&#153 Standalone Edition 2.0

Inter@cTest&#153 Standalone Edition 2.0

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Inter@cTest&#153 Standalone Edition Publisher's Description

InteracTest Description Inter@cTest™ is a professional application which permits the computerized publication of tests, item (question) banking, test creation, item analysis, and printing of tests or questionnaires.

Inter@cTest™ is designed for test developers who publish tests and practice tests, human resource professionals who administer personnel selection tests, marketing or opinion researchers, teachers, or anyone who needs to create and publish tests or questionnaires.

The items can contain various multimedia elements such as video, images, and sound. Filters are included which allow you to import various formats.

All the standard text editing such as font, style, size or colour are available for text fields within the application.

Spell checking is available and includes options to check as you type, check by field, selected text, individual items or the whole item bank.

Printed tests will contain as many items per page as possible depending on whether graphics are included and how large they are.

The Inter@cTest™ Player can be used to distribute tests and questionnaires with no runtime fee.

The Bank Module

The Notes button calls the Notes window. You can edit text in this window as a reminder of something to do with this item. The usual Windows editing features function while in this and all text fields in the application. If you check the Prompt me about this note when I view the item box, a message will appear whenever you view this item.

The References button provides you with a text field that is used to store references to the correct answer of the question.

The Statistics button displays a window that contains the item statistics relevant to the item. Since Inter@ctest™ supports various item types, the statistic information will also vary accordingly. Stats include discrimination, difficulty, weighted discrimination and average scores.

The Story button calls the Story window. This section allows you to work on stories which group questions together. A story "binds" a series of questions into a logical group.

You can define items as Trial items or Banked items, and you can also exclude questions from test compilation.

The ID field is where you input the item's ID code.

The container field is where you put any multimedia element, which you want to present to the respondent along with the question.

Items can be linked to Subject, teaching Objective, Competency, or identified using Bloom's taxonomy.

Choose from these item types: multiple-choice (3, 4, 5, or 6 options), true or false (with or without text descriptions of "true" and "false"), completion, fill-in the blanks (up to 10), matching (up to 10), and scale (use a 3, 5, 7 or 9 point scale with editable scale text)

The Questionnaire Module

Tests can be printed or administered on computer.

Choose items for your test using many item attributes.

When registering for the test, respondents can be forced to enter descriptive variables that can then be used to analyse the test results to look for test bias. The data can also be exported and then analysed using multivariate procedures.

Inter@cTest™ Player

The Player is a royalty-free application that permits you to administer questionnaires developed with Inter@ctest™ on a computer. No runtime fees are required to use the Player.

Gather descriptive variables like age, sex, education and ethnic origin when respondents register for the test. You can also define 4 other descriptive variables to gather from respondents.

The navigation area is used to navigate in the test.

In Scoring mode, a multiple-choice and / or true or false test can be scored by the respondent from within the About box.

Respondents can "tag" questions while using the Player and then review them at the end of the testing period.

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